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Acrylic Terrarium - 30x30x45

Ultra Clear Acrylic Terrarium ideal for small reptiles like Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos and other small pets such as Stick Insects and tarantulas.
[Magnetic Button Design]: Can offer a strong adsorption which is more convenient than the traditional buckle, which can effective prevent the pet from escaping.
[Slide Design]: The top lid can slide with a good adjustability, very convenient for the cleaning and the feeding.
[Build-In Temperature & Humidity Gauge]: Can help you observe your pet's living environment more intuitively, and make adjustments according to different situations.
[Good Air Circulation]: The multiple vents on top and sides can provide a sufficient air circulation for the pets and guarantee their health.
[High Transparent]: Made of high quality acrylic, can offer a 360 degrees full view, which can make it convenient to observe your pet and feed them in the terrarium.
[Water-Proof Base]: Can effectively avoid the water leaking, so it can be widely used as desert, rainforest or amphibians terrarium.
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