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Aquarium Heaters & Thermometers / Hydrometers

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Lansenfish Aquarium Heaters - Stainless Steel

1.Reliable circuit and high materials ensure output of heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank steady.
2. Totally submersible. Durable and safe. Novel design.
3. Unplugged the appliance 15 minutes in advance of changing water.
4. Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20°C~34°C(65°F~93°F).
R 172.90

Dophin Aquarium Heater

Compact and reliable quality
High quality heating element
Fully submersible
Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums
Easy to set and adjust temperature
High accuracy, up to 0.5°C
R 214.90

SOBO HS Series Aquarium Heater

Adjusted Between 20C – 32C (68F-89F)
Submerges Completely Into Water
Easy and precise setting to the desired temperature thermometer style
temperature indicator is easily available
Sensitive and reliable thermostat maintains a uniform temperature
R 126.90

SOBO Ultra-short quartz heating rod

1. Special protective sleeve design can effectively prevent fish scald and enhance the impact resistance of heating rods.
2, using good temperature resistance, explosion-proof quartz glass tube.
3. Set sensitive temperature regulator and over-temperature protection device inside the rod.
4, adjustable temperature 20 °C ~ 34 °C.
5, with a strong support hook and mooring suction cup, making it more stable and reliable.
6. The heater must be fully submerged in water and double sealed to accurately maintain the set temperature.
R 269.90


A density meter ( hydrometer ) for easy measurement of specific gravity of seawater aquaria. In reef systems , the specific gravity can be adjusted between 1,022 and 1,025
R 65.90

Digital Hydrometer for Specific Gravity/Salinity

Digital hydrometer for sale, it is an electronic hydrometer for measurement of liquid density, specific gravity and salinity.
Specific Gravity range can select 1.000~1.071 or 1.000~1.045.
Measurable salinity range 0~100 PPT or 0~55 PPT.
Hydrometers price are affordable, widely used in industrial or civil production such as aquarium, alcohol, wine or beer brewing.
R 1 569.90

Hand-held refractometer

Precision refractometers, basic model Simple and precise optical instruments to analyze liquids and their solid contents.
Models are equipped with an automatic temperature compensation device (ATC).
Supplied with a plastic box and comfortable leather-type case.
R 649.90


Reliable circuit and high materials ensure output of heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank sturdy.
R 329.90