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AQUARIUM HR-380 - 29 L

Elegant and easy to use aquarium will be a perfect home decoration and will bring a warm atmosphere to any interior. Perfect for presences or as the first aquarium for a child! The robust design ensures safety during any breakage.
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Aquarium equipped with accessories needed to ensure the life and health of fish and plants.
It has a built-in filtration system based on the JP-230G pump and a nonwoven filter.
The aquarium is equipped with modern LED 9W lighting with LEDs in white, blue and red, nicely staining fish. The lighting has high efficiency and low energy consumption.
The lighting provides enough light, it is waterproof, safe and reliable.
Each tank is tested for tightness and efficiency of all components. 
The hinged cover makes feeding the fish easier and other activities related to cleaning the aquarium. 
Capacity: 29 L
Lighting: 9W LED 
Filter: 2.5W 

Dimensions: 32cm x 28cm x 38.5 cm


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