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Aquatic Accessories

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Aquarium Plastic Plant Pruning Tongs

Aquarium tongs For use with fresh or saltwater Great for deep tanks

Plastic Egg Crate 60cm x 60cm

Makes a 60cm x 60cm sheet when connected
.8 cm thick
1.6cm square holes
Perfect for multiple uses in the aquarium eg: Supporting rocks / coral etc..
Breaks down into 8 equal rectangles if required

Control Valve

1 Pack


2 Pack

Non-Return Valve

1 Pack or 2 pack

Outlet Metal Aquarium Air Valve Splitter / 5mm Tube Diameter

Metal 2 way
Metal 3 way
Metal 5 way

Stainless Steel Air Flow Splitter

Metal 4 way
Metal 6 way
Metal 8 way
Metal 10 way
Metal 12 way

Straight - Piece

2 Pack


2 Pack


2 Pack

LR44 Batteries

Spare Batteries for digital thermometers and any device that requires this size battery.

Portable Digital pH Tester with Screen

This is a highly accurate pen-type PH meter for you to measure PH levels of liquids quickly and conveniently.

Professional pH Water Quality Tester High Precision

Professional pH Water Quality Tester High Precision Portable Pen Type pH Meter Acidometer for Aquarium Acidimeter pH Tester Measure Household Drinking Solution with ATC Auto Temperature Compensation Function and Backlight