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Auto Fish Feeder

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Zolux Automatic Fish Feeder

This automatic flake or granule dispenser will allow you to be away in peace, for fish that are always well-fed and healthy! Additional manual distribution is also possible.
Ready to use, dispenser batteries are provided.
This product has the advantage of being simple and easy to set up (you can choose 1 or 2 distributions per day).
R 509.90


Accurate electronic control and clear LCD screen
5 different setting time with 1 to cycles per feeding to meet various needs
Suitable for food pellet and flake
Compact, efficient and durable
R 539.90

SOBO Automatic Fish Feeder For Aquarium Fish

Size: about 15x7.5x11cm
Capacity: 200ml
Fish tank thickness: ?25mm
Battery: 2*AA (not included)
Timing: set 4 times
Function: smart large screen display
Application: Various fish feeds such as granules, flakes and powders (controlling the amount of feed)
R 427.90

SOBO Timed Auto Feeder(DA-08)

3 Modes of time adjustment
Auto Feeding Every 8 / 12 / 24 hours
Comes with 100g & 60g Food Barrels
Can feed Flakes & Granules as per your need.
Require 2 AA batteries (not included)
R 339.90