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Bag's O' Wags Chewies Dental Sticks

Montego Bags O' Wags Chewies Dental Sticks Veggie Chewies. Healthy, Butternut Dental sticks. You get Crunchies for those who prefer biscuits, Meaties for the meat-lover (Haha) and Chewies for those who would just like to chew on something tasty.
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The Bags O’ Wags range has a treat for even the fussiest of dogs! There are Crunchies for those that prefer biscuits and Chewies for dogs who want something to savour! Made with real meat for bioavailability & maximum nutrient absorption, Bags O’ Wags is a healthy reward for good behaviour, an incentive when training or a between-meal-snack. While they’re all different, one thing is certain – they’re all Mighty Munchy!

Bags O’ Wags Chewies available in 120g packs and Bags O’ Wags Crunchies available in 1kg boxes.

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