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Bamboo Fiber Dog / Cat / Pet Bowl

Bamboo Fiber Pet Bowl, Bamboo Dog Bowl
Size details:
Material: bamboo fiber.
Color: green, orange, natural
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PET fiber pet bowl

Material: bamboo fiber
Style:Circular single bowl(S/L)/Bone type double bowl/Square single bowl/Oval double bowl
Color: random color
Dimensions: see below size table
1.Natural environment protection Made of natural high quality bambo
2.Persistent antibacterial:Compared with stainless steel and other materials, bamboo fiber antibacterial better
3.Thick bowl body, strong and durable
4.Smooth surface treatment, more easy to clean
5.Widening non slip design, increase the area of friction with the ground, non slip resistance
Suitable for pets:
1.All breed dogs apply    
2.All breed cats apply  
3.Small rabbit, hamster and other pets are applicable
1.Product size and weight for manual measurement, there may be 3-5cm error, is normal.
2.Because the product color too much, all style color mixed hair
3.Due to the reason of product batch, the product is polished and matte version two versions, and between the two versions exist some error, the two versions of random mixed.
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