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Basking Spot Lamps

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Exo-Terra - Intense Basking Spot Lamp

A lamp specially designed as a basking spot lamp. The tight beam can be directed precisely on an area to create a basking site. The heat and light in the beam is increased by 35%, allowing greater distances between the bulb and the basking site. The UVA (ultraviolet A) light contributes to reptiles’ physiological well-being.
Light/Heat Beam: 45° - Colour Rendering Index: CRI 78 - Thermal Efficiency: 93%
R 135.00

Real - Neodymium Basking Spot-Lamp

Neodymium Basking Spot-Lamp neodymium content implements a natural depiction of animals and plants in the terrarium creates warm basking areas infrared radiation supports thermoregulation and digestion UV-A radiation stimulates natural behavior and the appetite raises the temperature in the terrarium environment
R 89.00

Exo-Terra - Neodymium Daylight Basking Spot Lamp

Broad-spectrum daylight spot lamp for terrariums
Creates a basking area for thermoregulation
Increases ambient air temperature
Stimulates breeding behavior through UVA rays
Can be combined with Daytime Heat Lamp or Night Heat Lamp for a 24-hour cycle
R 148.00


Highly energy efficient
Compact design (GU-10 fitting)
4750 K colour temperature
Enriches animal colouration
Stimulates breeding behaviour through UVA rays
R 275.00

Repti Zoo - Neodymium Spot Lamp

Efficient output of the daytime light spectrum
The reflecting layer contained in neodymium bulbs effectively increases the pigment of the reptile’s skin
Produces a large quantity of UVA rays and promotes normal activities of the reptile pet
Suitable for daytime use.
R 118.00

Trixie - Protective Cage Ø12×16 CM

metal, powder coated
prevents animals from coming in too close contact with the lamp and suffering burns
extra close mesh
easy opening and closing due to spring lock
with two gummed cable feedthroughs
ideal for combining with ceramic bulb holder Pro Socket
R 195.00