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Bearded Dragon 1200 Budget Complete Kit

United Reptiles have taken the guess work out of what you need to make a complete kit ready for your new Bearded Dragon or other reptile that requires a similar setup.
Plug n Play kit features
Just add your reptile
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This Budget Bearded Dragon kit contains the following:

  • 1 x 1200 Budget Terrarium
  • 1 x UVB 10.0 Flourescent Tube 30W
  • 1 x Electronic Balast 30W
  • 1 x Basking Spot Light 75W
  • 1 x Infra Red Heat Lamp 75W
  • 2 x Lamp Holder Kits
  • 4 x Desert Sand Substrate Beige 1Kg bags
  • 1 x Reptile Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • 1 x Calcium Powder 80g
  • 1 x Natural Water Log Bowl
  • 1 x Natural Feed Log Bowl
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Hedgehog Cage LRG

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Discription: Rabbit, hamster, guinea pigs that meet the need for gnawing, galeta, rodent award.
* It is safe, made of non-toxic material, does not harm your pet.
* Ideal for knocking and playing.
* To help the shape and clean the teeth, is a toy to squirt.
* It is recommended that your rodent be placed at a distance within easy reach.
* Package contains 4.5 cm long, 12 pieces, in the form of a gala.