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Reptile Hammock

Reptile Hammock Lounger Ladder Accessories Set for Large Small Bearded Dragons Anole Geckos Lizards or Snakes Reptile Accessories
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Try to add some fake plants to surround the hammock if your pet like to be hidden. Plants make they feel more secure.

The mesh is washable if someone decides to poop on it, you can buy special soap that won't hurt your lizard or use vinegar, but always make sure to rinse well.

Soak the suction cups if they are not sticking to your sidewalls. If the hammock is dirty, you can wash it

Wipe the sucker and glass wall with clean water and sope, ensure them clean and free from dust before sticking the suction cups to the aquarium;
Stick the suction cups to the aquarium;

Tips:Soak the suction cups into hot water, if they are not sticking to your sidewalls. And stick it to your aquarium when the suction cups become hot;
Exchange the suction cups when they become aging;

Push the small bulge part of the suction cups.