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Rock Spider Bowls - 3 Sizes

Resin bowls made solid
Ideal for small critters
Natural colours to blend in with environment.
R 17,90

Zoo Med - Repti Rock Reptile Food Dish

A food dish with a low profile and smooth non-porous surface. Great for feeding and preventing bacteria growth. Available in assorted colors.
R 99,00 R 75,00

Rock Water Dishs

Natural colours resin made solid bowls.
Various sizes to suit your needs
R 58,90

RW - Water Dishs

Our Water Dishes are made from food grade resin and have a very natural and realistic rock finish and texture.
The inside has a smooth non-pitted surface to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and makes it easy to clean.
The brown earthly tone of our water dishes allows for easy integration in desert, tropical or any other themed terrarium.
• Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
• Easy to clean
• Non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria
• Made from food-grade resin
• Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles
• Matt finish
R 20,00

Zoo Med - Repti Rock Reptile Water Dish

Virtually indestructible, smooth non-porous surface that won't harbor bacteria.
R 95,00

BE Log Bowls Assorted Sizes

Unique locally designed reptile bowl in various sizes.
Earthly colours to blend in with natural setup.
Easy to clean smooth inside surface.
Rough exterior to aid in shedding in certain reptiles.
R 38,90

Nomo resin food water bowl NS-42

Size: 10 x 3cm Resin food / water bowl safe for reptile use.
Easy to clean, colour wont fade.
R 55,90