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Brachypelma klaasi - Mexican Pink Beauty

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Brachypelma Klaasi, popularly known as the ‘Mexican Pink Beauty’ is a spectacular and rare specie of tarantula. Native to the Mexican region, this tarantula is best known for its bright hues along the patella and carapace.

Usually docile in nature, the Mexican Pink Beauty is a perfect pet for people who are planning to keep tarantulas for the first time. However, do note, that getting hold of this specie can be quite difficult. Owing to its slow growth and the degradation of habitat, Brachypelma Klaasi is currently deemed to be endangered.

In order to preserve this specie and maintain the ecological balance, we will suggest you to, avoid purchasing wild caught Mexican Pink Beauties. Instead of settling for wild variants, try getting this tarantula from successful breeders.

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