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CALCI Worms (Black Soldier Fly larvae)

Genuine Calci Worms (aka Black Soldier Fly larvae) have a naturally balanced calcium:phosphorus ratio and are the only calcium-rich feeder that can be safely fed as a staple.
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Why Calci Worms are so great!

·         You don't feed them 
·         Stay fresh in their pot for weeks at room temperature
·         No noise 
·         No odour 
·         Will stay in a dish - no escapees
·         They wiggle like crazy which excites and entices herps - great food for picky eaters 
·         They taste good (a guess, herps greedily consume them) 
·         Come in three sizes to satisfy most pets, from dart frogs to adult bearded dragons 
·         Stimulate the appetite of animals that don't readily feed 
·         Can halt or reverse the effects of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) 
·         Provide a boost of nutrition for gravid or just laid females 
·         A great start for all hatchlings

Calci Worms are a high-calcium soft bodied larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. They do not carry disease, and are so high in calcium that many reptile experts recommend them over other soft bodied grubs. Calci worms are the only calcium rich feeder insects that have naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus and can be safely fed as a staple diet.

Calci Worms are ready to serve straight from their pot, no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding to your pet, which saves you money! Calci Worms are low in fat and naturally have 23 to 61 times more calcium than other commonly fed feeder insects.
Calci worms have a long shelf life, should be kept in the cup they come in, and just kept out at room temperature. The only maintenance needed may be a couple drops of water from time to time!
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