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Canister Filters

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SOBO - External Canister Filter SF Series

Helps filter water to clean, filter waste such as sediment, soil, dust
The machine is made from grade A material and is a power-saving motor model.
Reduce the problem of waste, pile up germs
There is a press system to pull water into the filter tank.
And with in-flow out-flow in-flow out-flow valves

SOBO - External Hang-on Canister Filter

External Aquarium Filter SOBO WP-928 for Fresh and Marine Aquariums.
Elegant white tube.
best in class line of hanging filters / hang on
system canister (semi canister)
minimalist and flexible

SOBO Aquarium Ultraviolet Submersible Light

Material: Plastic and glass,
Color: black and transparent+/-Weight: 0.35 kg
SOBO Aquarium Ultraviolet Submersible Light/Lamp UVC -9W
Submersible light for Aquarium
Material: Plastic and glass


3 media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media
Comes with an adjustable spray bar
Built in 9 Watt UV sterilizer to help kill algae spores and bacteria, promoting crystal clear water
Convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning
Provides quiet, efficient filtration for fresh and saltwater aquariums