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Carno Hamster Bridge

- for hamsters, gerbils and mice.
- A fun and colorful activity toy for your pet.
- Pets can sleep under the bridge and can safely chew the bridge.
- Color: Blue or Pink - Material: Wood.
- Size S: 14x8x7cm
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R 54.90
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Discription: Rabbit, hamster, guinea pigs that meet the need for gnawing, galeta, rodent award.
* It is safe, made of non-toxic material, does not harm your pet.
* Ideal for knocking and playing.
* To help the shape and clean the teeth, is a toy to squirt.
* It is recommended that your rodent be placed at a distance within easy reach.
* Package contains 4.5 cm long, 12 pieces, in the form of a gala.
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