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Carno Wooden Hamster House with Ramp and Porch

- Quaint, Wooden Hamster/Rodent House.
- Well made with attention to detail.
- Spoil your pet with this perfect addition to their cage.
- Size is illustrated in the product image.
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  • DESIGN: Fun nesting and resting, provide a safe harbor for your small animal with lookout holes to keep an eye out. Relieves boredom and increases activity level.
  • MATERIAL: Made of natural wood ,safe for your pet. Have a floor, which can be arranged in different places in the cage.
  • IDEAL FOR HAMSTER: The lovely arched hamster wood house, Beautiful ,Practical, carefully sanded smooth wood combination, breathable, with the bottom.
  • APPLICATION: Deal for hamster, mouse and other small furry animals. Have fun hideaways encourage exercise and give your pet a spot for privacy.
  • FUNCTION: This hideaway also helps satisfy your pet's natural chewing instincts which relieves boredom and stress. Add a natural look to your pet's home, while giving him a fun spot to play.
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Jolly - Rabbit Drinking Water Bottle 250ml

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Discription: Rabbit, hamster, guinea pigs that meet the need for gnawing, galeta, rodent award.
* It is safe, made of non-toxic material, does not harm your pet.
* Ideal for knocking and playing.
* To help the shape and clean the teeth, is a toy to squirt.
* It is recommended that your rodent be placed at a distance within easy reach.
* Package contains 4.5 cm long, 12 pieces, in the form of a gala.
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