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Chameleon Grid Plate Feeding Bowl

Giangarden Hookable Chameleon Grid Plate Feeding Bowl with Suction Cup and Colum for Prey to Climb and Move,
Fit for Lizard, Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Frog, Terrarium and Greenhouse
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1. Bugs crawling on it can arouse the pet's desire to hunt, promote their eating and increase their exercise, make eating an interest in them, and obtain a healthier body. 
2. Sturdy and durable, the bottom is made of high-quality and durable materials, whether it is on the ground or suspended in the air, it can maintain stability and balance well, and will not be easily knocked down or damaged by pets.
3. Humanized design, the structure of the inner wall is very smooth, which can effectively prevent the reptiles from escaping from the base and provide you with a good experience.
4. When your pet needs to add some pet supplements, this new feeding bowl can help you achieve your goals more easily than traditional feeding methods. You can get pet-specific health supplements on the reptile, your The pet can then absorb the supplement into the body while hunting.