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Chameleon Kit Basic Medium Set (Green Screen Terrarium)

This is a great basic kit for start up and for hatchling chameleons.
This kit contains all the basics to get you started in the right direction.
As the animal grows you will need to upgrade the terrarium to a more suitable size depending on the species you have.
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This Chameleon Kit Basic Set contents:

  1. 1 x Green Screen Terrarium Size: Size: Medium - 300 x 300 x 500 mm 
  2. 1 x 1L Trigger Spray Bottle 
  3. 1 x Jungle Tree Vine (SML) - Bendable or Vine Bendable 
  4. 1 x Hanging Vine Plant Bunch Dark Light Leaves  (Asst colours avaialble)
  5. 1 x Calcium Powder 100g (Komodo)
  6. 1 x Basking Neodamium Spot Lamp 25W 
  7. 1 x UVB 5.0 Flourescent Lamp 15W
  8. 1 x Reflector Dome SML
  9. 1 x Electronic Balast 15W 
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