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Climate Control

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STC-1000 Temperature Controller 220V

The STC-1000 is a versatile small electronic temperature controller, with heating and cooling functions, plus audible alarm. The unit is is able to always keep your aquarium or Vivarium at a stable temperature.
This mini Temperature Controller is an excellent and convenient multifunction device for controlling temperature in any of your home projects.
By utilizing the temperature controller, you can provide an environment with optimal temperature.
This advanced temperature controller can measure and control temperature from -50 to 90 degrees C.
This device is also suitable for laboratories use and other temperature-controlled systems.
R 379,90


The Repti Zoo Analogue Dial Thermostat is for internal use to control heating lamps and or pads to maintain optimal temperature requirements by dialing the desired range.
Indicator lamp
Dual diaphragm temperature sensing element
Suitable for surface or switch box mounting
Heat anticipator for close temperature control
10 to 30C set point range
Change-over contact switching (cooling loads)
Double insulated
R 555,90


The External Thermostat Controller is compatible with our heating pads as an optional accessory and gives you complete control over the temperature. The heating mat thermostat provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. Extend your growing period by making your plants think it is still summer.
R 776,90

Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat Control Switch

Controls heat in your racking system, display enclosure or incubator.
Makes sure your reptile’s heat source is at the optimal temperature all the time
Model: XH-W3001
Remembers all your settings when the power goes off for load shedding, so there is no need to reset the device.
When the power comes back on everything will continue to work as normal Probe length: 200cm
Controls the temperature of your choice from 1 degrees Celsius
R 215,90