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Cork Tile Background

1.Made of natural cork bark that has been compressed into a flat terrarium background.
2.Suitable to hot and humid environment.
3.The products are processed with high-temperature smoking and may be exposed after passing the national commodity inspection.
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R 229.90
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USB Power Supply

3 Sizes available:
USB Power Supply 1A For DX-03 SD175
USB Power Supply 2A For SD200 ZD150
USB Power Supply 3A For ZD200
Very important to use the correct USB power supply for the device to prevent any electrical damage.
NB: This item is non refundable
R 62.90

Bioloark DX-03 LED Lamp

The Wabi-Kusa Lamp DX-03 is the perfect match to illuminate the beautiful crafted Bioloark Luji Glass Cup.
The baseplate is the perfect underground for the delicate glasses and is additionally the base for the flexible stand, on which tip the powerful LED has its place.
DC5V 3W LED For MY- 150/150H
modern and simplistic LED lamp with metal base.
R 525.90

Repti Zoo UV SENSOR TESTER CARD - 2/pack

Great to use for UV fluorescent lamp and mercury vapor bulb. Quick and easy to use. Not a precision instrument, but can give you advice when to replace the bulb.
R 85.90 R 79.90