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Crispy Muesli - Guinea Pigs

Tasty, fibre-rich high quality mixture for guinea pigs

Fiber-rich mixture for good digestive system and healthy teeth
Enriched with the "Happy & Healthy" pellet for optimum condition
Easy to use thanks to the handy resealable fresh pack
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Extra vitamin C

With extra vitamin C to support the health.


Derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, vegetables, minerals, seeds, vegetable protein extracts

Analytical constituents

Protein 14,5%, fat content 2%, crude fibre 14%, crude ash 7%, calcium 1.0%, phosphorus 0.55%

Nutritional additives

Vitamin A 26100 IU, vitamin D3 1250 IU, vitamin E 83 mg, vitamin C 380 mg, 3b103 (iron) 104 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2 mg, 3b405 (copper) 10 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 78 mg, 3b603 (zinc) 72 mg, 3b801 (selenium) 0.20 mg

Technological Additives


Sensory additives