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A choke collar is also known as a slip chain and it is a type of collar that tightens around your dog’s neck when you apply pressure by pulling on the leash.
The purpose of a choke collar is to cause the dog discomfort when he pulls on the leash, effectively administering short correction – this is a type of positive punishment which can be used to reduce the frequency of an undesired behavior (in this case, pulling on the leash).
Choke collars are frequently used for large and stubborn dogs who do not respond to verbal correction, though they shouldn’t be used as an everyday dollar.
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Tips for Safely Using a Choke Collar

If you’re going to use a choke collar on your dog, you need to learn how to do it safely for your dog’s protection. First off, you need to buy a collar the right size for your dog – measure the circumference around his neck and then purchase a choke chain a few inches larger so it has room to expand and contract. To place the collar on your dog, sit him down in front of you and push the chain through one of the end rings until the two end rings meet – it should form a loop that fits easily over your dog’s head. Next, slip the collar over your dog’s head and clip his leash to the end ring – the chain should slide easily as you pull on the leash. If the chain doesn’t loosen immediately after you remove pressure, you haven’t’ put it on correctly – this type of collar is intended for short correction only.

As a responsible dog owner, it is your right to make your own decision about using choke collars. If you think that your dog could benefit from this type of training, by all means, go for it. Just be sure to use the collar safely and do not leave it on your dog outside of training sessions.

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