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Digital Thermo- Hygrometer (Giangarden)

This device can display both temperature and humidity at the same time
Can Switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius
The Bracket can be installed on the left or right according to your need
Measuring range: -20C to60C & 10% to 99%
Sampling interval: 10 seconds
Accuracy: +/- 1C and +/- 15%
Availability: 18 in stock
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
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Plastic Air Vent Round - (2 pcs per pack)

Ideal for any terrarium use for creating air flow and ventilation required for the desired animal kept.
Available in White, Oak, Brown and Black in twin packs.
Outer Diameter: 75mm
Vent Diameter: 63mm
Thickness: 13mm

BE - Desert Sand Assorted Colours

All natural reptile fine sand.
No artificial colours or chemicals.
Safe for any terrarium and encourages natural digging behavior.
Easy to clean - just use a strainer to remove the mess.


Suitable for most reptiles
Available in Standard sizes. Caution: Not Water Proof, water damage can happen if wood is not sealed properly.

Freeze Dried Meal Worms

A natural food for insectivorous birds, mammals, invertebrates & reptiles. Mealworms have a high protein content that helps promote growth and contain high levels of Omega-3’s. Freeze dried mealworms are an excellent choice to add variety to your pets diet and eliminate the hassles associated with live feeder insects.