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Enclosure Accessories

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Plastic Air Vent Round White - 38mm

Ideal for any terrarium use for creating air flow and ventilation required for the desired animal kept.
د.إ.‏ 2.62

Plastic Air Vent Round White- 70mm

Ideal for any terrarium use for creating air flow and ventilation required for the desired animal kept.
د.إ.‏ 2.62

Plug Top Slim 16A White

3 Pin 16A S-line plug top
د.إ.‏ 5.24

RIPCORD 0.5MM/SQ WHITE per meter

Rip cord commonly used in most applications, sold by the meter or roll of 100m.
د.إ.‏ 1.83

Thru Switch

110-250 Volts ~ 6Amp, 60mm long x 16mm High x 27mm wide 2 wire
Single wire switching with pass-through second
Suitable for round or flat wire with built in cord grip
Easy secure screw terminals
د.إ.‏ 2.62

NP Insect Clip 18.5 x 6.8 x 4cm

Transparent material, more accurate when crawling insects.
Grab head has a vent hole, which can keep the air flow when grasping.
High quality ABS material, light use.
X-type design, comfort use.
Scissors are comfortable and gripping.
This product can be used to clean pet excreta as well as clamp small insects.
د.إ.‏ 6.79

NP Spider and Insect Catcher

Simple and beautiful appearance
Easy to use
Quickly and effectively catch spiders
This spider catcher is made of pp and plastic
Wide range of applications
د.إ.‏ 44.54

NP Anti-theft Lock

Three numbers,Thousands codes .
Small size have easy carrying function.
Choose durable material.
Anti-theft lock use stoning varnish technology,it fit all sizes reptile cage ,and all reptile pet.
Lock is made of zinc alloy body, pvc tube outside with iron inside.
And it can change the code.
د.إ.‏ 11.77

Astro Turf (STD Sizes)

Reasons why fake grass works well in a vivarium:
Many reptiles like its strong green colour
Vivarium grass is easy to clean – unlike traditional carpeting (a popular alternative); a clean vivarium is important for the health of the reptile
Fake grass does not need replacing often – unlike newspaper (another popular alternative)
When you do need to replace the lining, it should not be often and will not expensive as there is only a small area involved
A quality fake grass product with a dense weave will be suitable for lining not just the vivariums floor but also the walls and back of it – areas where some reptiles like to climb and which will need to withstand their weight when climbing.
د.إ.‏ 20.94