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Full Glass Terrarium
Dual front doors for an escape free access
Unique front window ventilation
Full metal screen for top ventilation
Includes all necessary decoration items
Natural-looking bamboo forest background
Multi-functional Bamboo ornament with built-in hide, water dish & food cup holder
Includes Compact Top Fixture (No bulbs)
Analog Thermometer & Hygrometer
MossMat substrate
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Manufacturer: Exo-Terra
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Delivery date: 3-5 days
R 1 800,00

The Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit comes with all the components necessary for a successful start. All components are based on the knowledge gathered during years of research in the Madagascar bamboo forests. The ingenious Exo Terra Natural Terrarium with the researched bamboo ornament and background will provide the ideal micro habitat for a variety of species.

The Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit for reptiles and amphibians is a direct result of the years of research in the Madagascar bamboo forests. Over the past few years, the Exo Terra research team, led by Emmanuel Van Heygen, has thoroughly documented the species that occur in this micro habitat and its micro climatological properties.