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Makes fluorescent objects glow
Ideal ultraviolet nightlight
Allows natural nighttime temperature drops
Long lifespan, low energy
Includes self-adhesive support base
Manufacturer: Exo-Terra
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SKU: PT-2365
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R 885,00

The Exo Terra Scorpion Light adds a whole new dimension to keeping invertebrates. The Scorpion Light provides a soft ultraviolet light, similar to the UV-rays reflected by the moon’s surface. Ultraviolet light makes certain scorpions, spiders and insects glow in the dark, it will light up certain spider webs and instigate spider mating behavior. The UV-emitting Scorpion Light will show you a new hidden world, and will also enhance the UV-related behavior of your animals. 

With an energy consumption of only 2W, the Scorpion Light consumes nearly 80% less energy than a conventional night light, and does not interfere with natural nighttime temperature drops.