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Pump included
Special optional add-on feature: Exo Terra Terrarium Fogger (MED Only)
Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
Stimulates natural drinking behavior in lizards (ex.chameleons)
Easy to clean
Increases humidity levels
Non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria
Made from food-grade resin
Very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles
Fully encased water tank and pump
Made from hard, non-porous and nontoxic resin; prevents the development
of harmful bacteria
Manufacturer: Exo-Terra
Availability: In stock

Because of its unique design, the Exo Terra Waterfall can be installed anywhere in the terrarium. Water circulation is provided by the Exo Terra Repti Flo pump (included). The waterfall consists of several parts to facilitate cleaning. For safety reasons, the walls of the collection tank are rough in order to allow reptiles and amphibians to climb out easily, thus avoiding any danger of drowning. 

As an additional safety measure, for smaller chameleons and frogs, small stones or gravel may be added to the collection tank. Organic waste should be removed from the collection tank at regular intervals to keep the water clean. Tap water should be treated with Aquatize to remove chlorine and heavy metals. Adding Biotize will help to keep the water cleaner longer, as well as promoting necessary beneficial bacteria and reducing odors associated with decaying waste.
Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

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