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Feeder Insect Supplies

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Bug Water Crystals 290g

All insects need a good source of water to stay healthy and active. United Reptiles Insect Water provides perfectly sizes chunks of very high moisture, naturally made Gel Bites. No more water bowls, no more sponges, and most importantly no more dehydrated bugs.

Pangea Insect Grub

PIG for short. A nutritionally complete food for all feeder insects such as Dubia Roaches and Crickets. Designed to be fed wet, dry, or as a gel. This scrumptious food for bugs is a blend of grains, real fruit, vitamins and minerals, is a perfect gut load for your insect feeders. We have raised multiple generations of several roach species as well as domestic and banded crickets on this formula with great results. Have large colonies to feed? No problem, buy in bulk and save.

Silkworm Chow 200g

USA GRADE Quality food
Ideal to feed in out of season leaves, or no access to fresh leaves

Excelsior - Aspen Wood Fibers

All natural, premium grade aspen wood fiber. The best excelsior for making fruit fly cultures!
1.25L Bag can supply up to 6 Fruit Fly Cultures
4.5L Bag can supply up to 20 Fruit Fly Cultures


Complete cricket care kit
Removable, well-ventilated lid
Easy cricket dispenser
Includes cricket food and water bowl
Makes cricket feeding neat & tidy