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Filtration Media

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Seachem - Purigen®

Highest organic removal capacity Possesses enhanced capacity owing to its vast surface area; both spherical and macroreticular Helps control ammonia/nitrite/nitrate Color changes as it exhausts; easily regenerated

Seachem - Matrix™

High capacity biofiltration Controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate Highly porous - enormous surface area (>~700 m2/L) Supports aerobic and anaerobic bacteria species

Seachem - de*nitrate™

Removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics High porosity biological media Pore size well suited for anaerobic bacteria No danger of hydrogen sulfide production as with sulfur based media

Seachem - Renew™

Phosphate-free carbon substitute High pore # for maximum organic removal Ideal to use in planted tank or marine tank - does not leach phosphate No impact on trace minerals and important nutrients

Seachem - CupriSorb™

Powerful adsorbent of copper and heavy metals Copper specific chelating resin Removes all types of copper

Seachem - MatrixCarbon™

High efficiency spherical carbon Very little impact on pH due to low ash content Lowest leachable phosphate level on market High removal capacity; large surface area

Seachem - SeaGel™

Removes phosphate, silicate, organics, metals, acids, and more 50/50 blend of MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard More convenient than two separate bags of media

Seachem - PhosGuard™

Removes silicate and phosphate Spherical for optimal hydrodynamics Irreversible binding

Seachem - PhosBond™

Rapidly removes phosphate & silicate Ferric oxide coated aluminum oxide phosphate adsorber High porosity and surface area give it a large binding capacity