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A density meter ( hydrometer ) for easy measurement of specific gravity of seawater aquaria. In reef systems , the specific gravity can be adjusted between 1,022 and 1,025
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The hydrometer has a measuring range of 1000-1060 with graduations every 0.001 and an accuracy of ± 0.0005 at 25 º C (77 º F) . As
salinity depends on the temperatures , the meter has a thermometer that facilitates the use of tables remotely accurate
compensation if necessary.

With it is possible to gather accurate values water density . The measurements are made preferably in a separate container or in a
quiet aquarium without water currents .

- Salt hydrometer
- Density measurement range : 1000-1060 g / ml
- Resolution: 0.001 g / ml
- Accuracy: ± 0.0005 g / MLEN 25 ° C
- Measuring range temperature : c
- Resolution: 1 ° C
- 33cm long

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