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After perfecting the live insect trade, Fluker Farms began selling reptile diets, lamps, and pretty much anything any reptile hobbyist would need. Fluker Farms has grown into an admirable business where major stores across the country now sell our products, and we are extremely proud to watch it continue to grow in coming years.  

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Fluker's - Repti Leash

Once you've used a Repta-Leash, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. The Repta-Leash is the ultimate in security, safety and comfort for lizards of all ages and sizes. Each leash has a 6' adjustable lead.
R 104,00

Flukers Bend-A-Branch

natural look of wooden vines/branches
perfect for any terrarium
bends to fit your pet's lifestyle
provides hiding and resting place
perfect for climbing animals
available in small (1/8" diameter), medium (3/8" diameter), and large (5/8" diameter) 6' long
R 120,00