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Available in S, M and L three sizes, suitable for insects and plants of different sizes and quantities
Available in Black
Foldable, light weight, easy to carry
Equipped with elastic storage rope, convenient to store ( S size do not have a elastic storage rope)
Double zipper design, easy to open and close
Fine breathable mesh for good airflow and viewing
Clear window panel for easy viewing
Two Portable ropes on the top, convenient for moving and carrying
Suitable for butterflies, moths, mantises, wasps and other flying insects
Or can be used for plants to prevent being bitten by insects
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R 149.90
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Grey Crickets ( Acheta Domestica) ((SPECIAL ONLINE PRICES))

Crickets (Acheta domesticus) are insects with distant relations to the grasshopper, and are found almost all over the world! Crickets can range in size, and we offer 5 sizes from pin heads to adults.
These insects are an excellent source of protein and are very easily “gut-loaded” with calcium and other important vitamins for your pets, just check out our cricket analysis:
Please note Pin Head bulk, XSML Bulk and SML Bulk is packed in smaller 2L containers however still in bulk quantities inside.
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H1 Tarantula Box - 6.8X6.8X4.5 cm

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Assorted vines plants for decorative purposes
Assorted colours to choose from.
Each vine sold as a single piece.
Safe and non toxic.
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