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Foreground Plants

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Carpet plants rooted and attached to drift wood

No need to wait for your plants to attach to drift wood. Ready to drop into your aquarium.
3 sizes to choose from
R 138,90

Eleocharis Parvula “Dwarf Hairgrass”

A low-growing carpeting plant that forms runners close to the parent plant. It is prettiest planted in small bunches quite close to each other, which will gradually form a solid carpet. An ideal foreground plant, equally suited to large and small aquariums.
R 52,90

Hemianthus Micranthemoides “HM”

Hemianthus micranthemoides, also known as Baby Tears or Pearl grass is a nice plant that works well as a foreground plant for large aquariums or mid ground plant for small aquariums. In strong light, this plant will grow close to the substrate creating a great foreground plant. In moderate light, this plant will grow up towards the light creating a taller mid-ground plant.
R 52,90

Heteranthera Zosterifolia “star grass”

Heteranthera zosterifolia is a beautiful stem plant with bright green lanceolate leaves. In its country of origin, Brazil, it usually grows in stangant waters and swampy regions. H. zosterifolia is a relatively undemanding plant and grows well at medium light intensities without additional CO2 fertlisation. It attains its full potential, however, under strong lights and with CO2 fertilisation, then it shows lush, intensive growth and larger leaves. When allowed to grow out of the water it will often get nice blue flowers.
R 52,90

Staurogyne Repens

Staurogyne repens is a very popular aquatic plant among the aquarium enthusiasts due to its hardiness and ease to care for. It is used as an excellent foreground plant in the aquarium industries. It is found in the river Rio Cristalino in the Southern Amazonas of Brazil. This plant grows on and between rocks on the bank of the fast-flowing river, mainly above the waterline with full sun.
R 52,90