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Gargeer All Reptiles Color Enhancer. 56g

Gargeer All Reptiles Color Enhancer. Magnify Vibrant Colors, and Boost Health with Much Needed Minerals and Vitamins
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  • RESTORE. Gargeer COLOR ENHANCER restores pigments that typically fade with captive pet diets, using CAROTENOIDS.
  • BRIGHT. Carotenoids pigments are responsible for the bright colors of many plants and can also flow upstream and be responsible for some of the most brilliantly colored reptiles on the planet.
  • UNIQUE. We compounded naturally occurring carotenoids, along with much needed vitamins and minerals, for safe use for all reptiles and amphibians. We use premium ingredients only, with no 'fillers'.
  • EASY. Can be mixed into complete feeds, added to a gut-load formula for insects, sprinkled on veggies, mixed with vitamin or calcium powders, mixed into any premade diet, or used to dust insects directly.
  • SAFE. Use once per week. Once opened, this product is good for approximately 6 months. You can extend its life by keeping it refrigerated between use. DO NOT return any powder that touched insects back into the pouch.
  • PROUD. We manufacture locally in the USA. If you're not happy, we're not happy either. Send us a message, and we'll do our best to assist you promptly.