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Gargeer Gecko Calcium with or without Vitamin D3 113g

Gargeer Gecko Calcium with or without Vitamin D3 113g
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    • ESSENTIAL. Help your geckos and other fruit-eating reptiles and amphibians stay healthy and prosper! Calcium deficiency in reptiles is a major contributing factor in Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). Your animal will receive the calcium it needs and some other essential vitamins and nutrients from organic tropical fruit powders - serves as a perfect food supplement for all geckos and other picky reptiles & amphibians. Add regularly in order to promote and maintain bones, muscles, and nerve functions
    • SAFE. Most live feeder insects for reptiles are naturally low in calcium and require dusting with calcium powder to be nutritionally adequate. Gargeer’s formula is safe to use with every feeding, without the risk of hypercalcemia.
    • STICK WITH US. Gargeer’s ultrafine calcium particles stick better to feeder insects and mix well into salads. DO NOT ADD DIRECTLY INTO WATER.
    • BALANCED. If you’re using UVB light, your pet is making all the D3 its body needs. USE 1 TABLESPOON PER 1 POUND OF FOOD, and ensure your reptiles & amphibians get an adequate and moderate level of the much-needed calcium. USE Vitamin D3 containing formula if you’re not using UVB light, in-order to support calcium absorption into their bodies.
    • US BORN AND RAISED. Free from phosphorus and other impurities, Gargeer’s formula is proudly made in the USA from locally sourced calcium. If you and your reptiles are happy, we are happy! Ping us with any calcium questions you have, and we’ll do our best to respond promptly. Enjoy!