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Giangarden Reptile Humidifier

Adjustable Terrarium Fog Machine Extremely
High Pressure Mister Sprayer Tank with Silent Pump & Digital Touch Screen for Reptiles, Amphibians, Terrariums
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【Large Tank】Equipped with a 4L water tank and a adjustable hose, which can offer a better water shortage protection to your pets. 

【Smart Screen】Temperature and humidity can be clearly displayed on the smart touch screen, and you can do all operations by it.

【Adjustable Output】There is a rotary switch on the front of the humidifiers, you can adjust the output of mist by rotating the knob.

【More Delicated】Hedgine Fog Machine takes the ultrasonic atomization technology, which can increase the water storage, make humidification uniform and save energy.

【Two in One】
Combine the humidifier and the timer into one. Can automatically turn on or off at your set time. Can help you take better care of your pet easily.