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Guppy Selection

Our Guppies are mostly imports and almost on a weekly basis, Females however are not always availble to match the males we have more often. If theres any matching females ordered we will ship with the males.  If they not available they would thn be shipped sepperatly when they do become available in the near future and will attain a shipping fee payment before dispatch as its a new shipment, unless a new order and or pending order of fish has been made then we will combine the order as one shipment.

Not all fish is on hand as pre orders are needed to secure the stock from the imports.  We regret we cannot hold any stock without payment.

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Assorted Mix Guppy

Images for illustration only
This is a random mix of guppy, anything goes for colour.
Local Bred Guppy not imported.

Koi Guppy