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Hemigraphis colorata (narrow leaf)

Hemigraphis colorata narrow leaf has similar colouring to the broad leaf variety. Its leaves have very jagged edges which makes it a very decorative plant for the aquarium. This plant is not as easy as the broad leaf to maintain and if it is not given enough light and nutrients it tends to drop its lower leaves and slowly lose condition. Hemigraphis colorata narrow can be propagated by taking cuttings.
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Zebra Nerite Snails are the most popular species of freshwater Nerite snail in the aquarium hobby.
They can be identified by their distinct black and gold stripes running from a point at it's shells tail.
Zebra Nerite Snails can grow to a sizeable 1" but are often bought and sold much smaller than this.
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AQUARIUM Q3580 - 75 L

Elegant aquarium with built in LED lights, filter.
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Alternanthera specie green

Alternanthera Bettzickiana is a popular choice for beginners due to the fact that it's pretty easy to grow. Most red stem plants can prove difficult to get that vibrant red color without providing high CO2 and micronutrients. This plant can stay vibrant red with relative ease but if nutrients and lighting are severely lacking, the leaves can dull out to an orange hue. It prefers high nitrates and high phosphates so dosing fertilizers such as UNS Plant Food will help speed up growth and keep coloration at its best.
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Echinodorus grandiflorus - Burhead Spear

his is the largest of the Sword plants and needs to be grown in an open topped aquarium to allow the leaves to reach their maximum height. They prefer the higher end of the temperature range, keeping them at lower temperatures will reduce their growth rate and prevent them from flowering. In Brazil the leaves are dried out and used in herb medicines as they are supposed to relief symptoms of various common complaints.
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