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Marltons - Get Off Scatter Crystals 450g

For outdoor use
Discourages pets from fouling
Get off Scatter Crystals has a jelly like texture that is suitable for all weather conditions slowly releasing a strong, highly perfumed odor which confuses both cats and dogs sense of smell.
Over a period of weeks, pets will be trained to move away from treated areas.
Get Off Scatter Crystals are approved for use on concrete, paving, around lawns and flower beds as directed.
R 105.90

Coloured Wire Crate

Sold flat packed in a box , easy to assemble at home.
Plastic sliding bottom drawer and anti slip features.
Perfect for traveling, or use at home.
The wire crate can be stored in a small area when not in use, folded back to its original flat size.
The wire crate has two doors which allows for easier loading of your pet.
Easy to carry, with a handle included.
R 1 149.90