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Husbandry Tools

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Sliding Glass Door Lock

These Sliding Cage Locks are used for making sliding door reptile enclosures secure.

Tweezers w/ Rubber Tips

High quality straight tweezers with rubber tips. Perfect for feeding and uneaten food removal. Helps save delicate fingers! Removable rubber tips.

Zoo Med - Feeding Tongs - 10"

Ideal for feeding reptiles, birds, small animals, or aquarium fish. More hygienic than using your fingers. Size: 10"

Exo-Terra Bamboo Tweezers

Made from sustainable and renewable resources
Light and flexible, comfortable in use
Prevents mouth injuries and reduces stress
Great for feeding live or canned insects

Exo-Terra Tongs

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Exo Terra Tongs are an excellent tool for feeding live insects to reptiles and amphibians. The long, ergonomic pincers make feeding easy and provide enough distance to prevent stress in the feeding animal, while the tips have been “soft-coated” to prevent mouth injury and to provide a firm grip on live feeder insects.

Reptile Egg Incubation Tray

The Reptile Egg Incubation Tray is designed to take advantage of suspended incubation techniques- minimum egg to surface contact with maximum air circulation around the egg. Size: Small (4.5")

Rubber Cage Lock Wedges 6pc

This rubber wedge is used between 2 glass sliding doors to jam, preventing the doors from opening and is generally used in place of the glass locks for quick access into the terrarium.

Snake & Reptile Bags (Cloth)

Heavy duty snake bag with heavy duty drawstring. Sewn bottom corners for "bite free" releasing.

Snake Bags - White

Light and durable snake bags for shipping and transport of reptiles, insects and other critters.
Seams are double stitched for added strength and security!