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Hygger 8 in 1 Aquarium Water Test Strips

Test for 8 aquarium water parameters: pH level, Hardness, Ammonia nitrogen, Nitrates, Nitrites, Total Chlorine, Carbonate Root, and Total Alkalinity.
Monitor Ammonia Level
Test for 8 Water Parameters
Quick, Simple, Accurate Reading
hygger test strips can be used in freshwater & saltwater aquariums and ponds
Compared to liquid test kits, these testing pads are faster to results, less messy, one strip tests for 8 water parameters at one time
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The easiest way to monitor aquarium water parameters is by using the hygger aquarium water test kit, which is a one-touch water test strip. Instead of any clean-up and mess, just dip the test strip in the water, take it out, and read the result. With this fish water test kit, you can assess, diagnose, and remedy the problem without losing too many fish.

It can monitor ammonia level PH value and test for 8 water parameters to help improve your aquarium world, quick, simple, accurate reading. This fish water test kit can be used in freshwater & saltwater aquariums and ponds.