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JBL Pro Aqua EasyTest 7 in 1 - Test strips for quick water testing

Test strips for testing 7 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for general guidance when testing aquarium, pond, well and tap water
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Easy to use: Move the test strip in the water for 2-3 seconds. Remove the test strip. Let the water drain off sideways. Compare the test strip with the colour scale on the packaging after 1 minute. Read off the CO2 value in the table

Determines the following water values: chlorine, acidity (pH), general hardness (GH), toxic nitrite compound (NO2), cause of algae (NO3), pH stability (KH) and main plant nutrient (CO2 content using the table)

Further tests for phosphate or ammonium/ammonia etc. are available as individual tests in the JBL program

Package contents: test strips EasyTest 7 in 1 on colour scale and CO2 table. Contents: 50 test strips

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