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Jolly / Delux - Rabbit Drinking Water Bottle 250ml

High Quality plastic drinking bottle for hamsters and other small rodents.
Available in 6 various bright colours.
Can clip or hang inside the cage.
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R 49.90
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Mouse V-Type Breeding Cage - Assorted Colours

Mouse breeder cage, plastic base with metal top.
Base comes in asst colours.
V-Design for food pellets placement and opening available for drinking bottle.
Size: 43cm x 28cm x 14cm
Weight: 1.3Kg
Spare clips available on request.
Bulk Quantities available on order. Subject to time and load shedding delays that may happen at the time of order. Average turn around time dependent on order.
R 209.00

Lava Bites - Small Animal Chews

All-natural lava stone triangles promote clean healthy teeth
Made from genuine volcanic lava
Three great flavors: Chin-a-Min, Spear-a-Munch and Winter Grind
R 53.90 R 47.90

NP Reptile Hammock

This reptile hammock NFF-52 is made of PVC mesh, non-toxic and odorless, no harm to your pets.
It’s soft and breathable, easy to clean and comfortable for your pets.
It’s green color, which matches with the natural environment.
It’s available in S, M and L three sizes, suitable for reptiles and terrariums of different sizes.
R 69.90

Epol - Rodent Cubes

Professionals choice for feeding breeding mice, rats and other rodents.
Complete nutritional diet catering to the specific rodent needs.
Nutritionally superior to any other feeds only the best will do for your business.
R 29.90