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Pet Bedding is a 100% environmentally friendly natural product. It is made from kenaf natural plant. Ideal for all pets like Horses, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds, Reptiles such as Iguanas, Snakes, Tortoises, Skinks and all other exotic pet mammals.
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Kenaf Bedding is an extremely absorbent product. It absorbs 6 times its own weight and traps urine and ammonia odors. It also deodorizes naturally so there is no need for perfume scents, chemicals, or additives to be added.


Kenaf Bedding is a safe and healthy product. It is non-toxic if ingested by your pet and helps prevent bronchial damage and respiratory diseases due to its great absorbency levels. Other products which are not as absorbent, release phenol (a toxic fume) and ammonia created by your pet’s urine. It is then inhaled by your little friends and could cause serious damage to their health.


Kenaf Bedding is economical as the bedding does not need to be changed frequently due to its exceptional performance. Long lasting and odorless from its great absorbency levels, it can save you from a lot of costs and undesired smells. Our product is biodegradable and can be flushed or used as a munch for your garden.


Kenaf Bedding is warm, cozy, soft, and comfortable. It is one of the best bedding choices for your pet and it is the best way to keep them happy and give them a big smile.

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