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Koi & Goldfish Food

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Freeze Dried Meal Worms

A natural food for insectivorous birds, mammals, invertebrates & reptiles. Mealworms have a high protein content that helps promote growth and contain high levels of Omega-3’s. Freeze dried mealworms are an excellent choice to add variety to your pets diet and eliminate the hassles associated with live feeder insects.
R 32.90

Finco Koi & Pondfish Food

Complete premium balanced diet for koi and is great for all pond fish.
Specifically formulated for colour and growth development in koi.
Made from quality ingredients that promote fish health, body shape, growth and colour.
Small Pellets 2.5-3mm : Fish size: 5-12cm
Medium Pellets 4.5mm Fish size: 12-25cm
Large Pellets 5-6mm Fish size: 25cm+
Available in Premium and All Season, All season for all year round feeding while the premium is for spring and summer feeding.
R 147.90

Pondfin Koi & Goldfish Food

Premium Diet For Koi And Goldfish- small pellets
Enhance colour, growth and contains pre-biotics
Feed your fish only as much as they will eat in a few minutes, 2 to 4 times daily.
Smaller, more frequent feeding is preferred over a single large one Not for human consumption
R 78.90

Takara Pond Pellets

Takara fish food is a floating pellet and will not cloud the water. Takara fish food is manufactured with premium ingredients under strict quality control.
R 26.90


API® WEEKEND PYRAMID FISH FEEDER is the perfect feeding solution for your fish when you’re away from home for a few days.
These pyramid-shaped feeder blocks contain nutritious, slow-release pellets which act as uniformly balanced meals for your fish during your absence.
R 116.90


API® VACATION PYRAMID FISH FEEDER automatically feeds your fish while you’re away from home, and contains nutritious food pellets that are released slowly over the course of 14 days.
This product meets the nutritional needs of all fish (goldfish, freshwater tropical, and saltwater).
R 106.90

Repashy - Super Gold 3 oz

Goldfish & Koi Gel Food Premix
Specifically developed for excellent digestion and nutrition in Goldfish & Koi.
Easy to make premix, featuring a wide-spectrum of Quality Ingredients.
R 364.90