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Koi Life - Algae Control

Non-harmful to fish and aquatic plants when used as directed.
Alternative to harsh chemicals – Chlorine, copper and phosphate-free.
Begins working on contact, killing algae fast; results in 24 to 48 hours.
Immediately begins fighting algae blooms, releasing vital oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades.
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10g (1 x level measure, provided) per 1000 litres

Calculate the volume of water in the pond correctly.
Lenght (m) X width (m) X depth (m) x 1000 =volume in litres
Mix powder in a bucket with some pond water and spread evenly around the pond.
Make sure the pond is well aerated.

DO not use in ponds that have no circulation.
Avoid eye contact, inhalation and swallowing.
Store away from foodstuffs
Keep away from natural water sources.

Prevents and controls green water and blanket weed in ponds and water
Adds enzymes to help boost the filter and condition the water to prevent ammonia build up due to decaying algae.
Can be used every 3-4 weeks to maintain an algae free clear pond.
Harmless for fish, birds, invertebrates etc.
Safe for most water plants if used as indicated.

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