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Komodo Calcium Sand 5Kg White

Komodo Calcium Sand Substrates are a popular substrate made from natural Calcium Carbonate which is sustainably sourced.
It is suitable for use with most species of reptile from arid habitats including Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx and Leopard Geckos.
The substrate will promote natural burrowing and digging behaviour.
Komodo Calcium Sand Bedding makes a natural, clean, long lasting and attractive looking substrate for your reptiles home.
Komodo Calcium Sands are available in many colours.
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Why not try a new colour for your vivarium or mix them to create a whole new look. Komodo Calcium Sand has extra calcium health benefits for your reptile if accidentally ingested with food.

It has particles which are designed to avoid impaction problems. Spot clean the substrate daily to increase the time between thorough clean outs. If using with a heat mat always check manufacturers instructions for info.Suitable for: Bearded Dragons Uromastyx Leopard Geckos Desert / Temperate Set ups Reptiles from arid habitats

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