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Lansenfish Aquarium Heaters - Stainless Steel

1.Reliable circuit and high materials ensure output of heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank steady.
2. Totally submersible. Durable and safe. Novel design.
3. Unplugged the appliance 15 minutes in advance of changing water.
4. Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20°C~34°C(65°F~93°F).
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  • Heater must always be located in an are with strong circulation of water. If water movement is insufficient,  the thermostat will not function accurately, and desired temperature will not be obtained throughout aquarium. You should be able to observe that when heating(lamp on), the warm water is circulated away from heater before rising to the zone of the thermometer scale.
  • Choice of correct wattage is important. Use the table to find the correct wattage depending on the size of aquarium, and the difference between room temperature and the desired aquarium temperature.
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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis from South America can grow very compact, but a "lawn effect'' (4-7 cm tall) is only achieved at high light intensity. When planting in the aquarium small clumps (approx. 1/8 pot) should be placed a few centimetres apart to help the plants grow together more quickly. Place in an open position without shading from other plants to ensure good light. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can be used in garden ponds, and also tolerates low salt concentrations in brackish aquariums.