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Large Indoor Complete Kit 90

This complete kit is ready to use.
Basic setup required for the Veiled Chameleon species.
This kit is intended for indoor use , outdoor use do not use the lights.
Please note that as the animal outgrows this setup a larger setup will be required.
Chameleons are to be housed individually as they are not communal animals by nature.
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This basic setup include the following products:

  • 1 x Green Screen Terrarium 900mm x 470mm x 470mm
  • 2 x Jungle Vine
  • 12 x Jungle Branchs
  • 4 x Plant Vine Leaves
  • 1 x Calcium 100g
  • 1 x Trigger Spray Bottle
  • 1 x  Light Dome SML
  • 1 x UVB 5.0 Flourescent Lamp 20W
  • 1 x Electronic Ballast 20W
  • 1 x 75W Basking Spot Lamp