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Filter Media for beneficial bacteria
Aquarium and pond use.
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Lansenfish Aquarium Heaters - Stainless Steel

1.Reliable circuit and high materials ensure output of heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank steady.
2. Totally submersible. Durable and safe. Novel design.
3. Unplugged the appliance 15 minutes in advance of changing water.
4. Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20°C~34°C(65°F~93°F).
د.إ.‏ 45.32

SOBO Aquarium Heaters - Stainless Steel

1. Stainless steel 304 tube, high-corrosion-resistance
2. Use alloy material and high sensitivity
3. The temperature range is 20-34℃ and with 1 ℃ tolerance
4. High resistance heating filament, homogenous in heating ad longer service hours
5. Use double waterproof seal and reach the IP68 standard for fully submersible use.
د.إ.‏ 38.51